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Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair In Kolkata

Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair

Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair is a minimally invasive surgical procedure performed to treat meniscal tears using an arthroscope, a small, flexible tube equipped with a camera. Dr. Gautam Gupta, a renowned orthopedic surgeon in Kolkata, specializes in this advanced technique to address meniscus injuries effectively.

Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair

Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair​

If you are experiencing knee pain or suspect a meniscus tear, schedule a consultation with Dr. Gautam Gupta for expert evaluation and personalized treatment options in Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair.


Procedure Overview:

Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair involves making small incisions around the knee joint, allowing the insertion of the arthroscope and surgical instruments. This minimally invasive approach offers benefits such as reduced scarring and faster recovery.


Meniscus Tears:

The meniscus, a C-shaped cartilage in the knee, can sustain tears due to sports injuries, degeneration, or wear and tear. Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair aims to preserve the meniscus whenever possible, promoting better long-term joint health.


Dr. Gautam Gupta's Approach:

Dr. Gautam Gupta adopts a patient-centric approach, conducting a thorough evaluation to determine the extent and nature of the meniscus tear. Based on the diagnosis, he recommends Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair when suitable.

Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair​

Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair​ Cost In Kolkata

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Are you struggling with knee pain due to a meniscus tear? Dr. Gautam Gupta, a highly skilled orthopedic surgeon in Kolkata, offers an affordable solution through Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair.

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Expertise in Arthroscopic Procedures:

Dr. Gautam Gupta is a renowned orthopedic surgeon with extensive experience and specialized expertise in arthroscopic procedures, including meniscus repair.

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Advanced Surgical Techniques:

Dr. Gupta employs advanced arthroscopic techniques, ensuring precise and minimally invasive procedures that lead to faster recovery and reduced postoperative discomfort.

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Patient-Centric Approach

Dr. Gautam Gupta prioritizes patient well-being and actively involves patients in their treatment plans. His patient-centric approach ensures that individuals are well-informed and comfortable throughout the entire process.

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Comprehensive Care:

Patients can expect a quicker recovery compared to traditional open surgery, allowing them to return to their daily activities sooner.

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Personalized Care:

Dr. Gautam Gupta provides personalized care plans tailored to each patient's unique needs,


Affordable Cost:

At just 60,000 INR, Dr. Gautam Gupta's Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair offers quality care at an affordable price, making it accessible to a wider range of patients.


Proven Track Record:

Dr. Gupta has a proven track record of successful arthroscopic meniscus repairs, earning him a reputation as a trusted orthopedic specialist in Kolkata.


Affordable Treatment:

Dr. Gautam Gupta offers arthroscopic meniscus repair at an affordable cost of 60,000 INR, making quality orthopedic care accessible to a broader spectrum of individuals.


State-of-the-Art Facilities:

Dr. Gautam Gupta's practice is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring that patients receive high-quality care in a comfortable and technologically advanced environment.


Holistic Healing Approach:

Dr. Gupta emphasizes holistic healing, addressing not only the immediate injury but also considering the overall well-being of the patient to promote long-term health.

Why To Choose Dr Gautam Gupta

Don't let a meniscus tear hinder your active lifestyle. With Dr. Gautam Gupta's Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair, you can regain pain-free movement and enjoy life to the fullest. Schedule a consultation today to explore your treatment options with a trusted orthopedic expert.

Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair is a minimally invasive surgical procedure used to treat tears in the meniscus, a cartilage in the knee. It involves using a tiny camera (arthroscope) and specialized instruments to repair the torn meniscus.

If you experience persistent knee pain, swelling, or limited movement, especially after a knee injury, consult Dr. Gautam Gupta. He will assess your condition through examinations and imaging tests to determine if arthroscopic meniscus repair is suitable for you.

The procedure is performed under anesthesia, ensuring that you don’t feel pain during the surgery. Postoperatively, Dr. Gupta will provide pain management strategies to keep you comfortable during the recovery phase.

Recovery times vary, but patients typically start walking with crutches shortly after surgery. Full recovery may take several weeks, during which physical therapy plays a crucial role. Dr. Gautam Gupta will provide a personalized recovery plan based on your progress.

Like any surgery, there are potential risks, but arthroscopic meniscus repair is generally considered safe. Dr. Gupta will discuss the risks and benefits with you during the preoperative consultations to address any concerns.

Dr. Gautam Gupta will guide you through a gradual return to activities. Initially, you’ll need to avoid strenuous exercises, but as your knee heals, you’ll be able to gradually resume normal activities.

The cost of Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair at Dr. Gautam Gupta’s clinic is approximately 60,000 INR. This fee covers the surgical procedure and associated pre- and post-operative care.

To schedule a consultation, you can contact Dr. Gautam Gupta’s clinic directly or use the online appointment booking system available on the official website. During the consultation, you can discuss your symptoms, concerns, and treatment options with Dr. Gupta.


It’s advisable to avoid driving until you are off pain medications and have regained enough strength and control over your knee. Dr. Gautam Gupta will provide guidance on when it’s safe to resume driving.

Yes, physical therapy is a crucial part of the recovery process. Dr. Gupta may recommend a personalized physical therapy program to help you regain strength, flexibility, and range of motion in your knee.

While there may not be strict dietary restrictions, maintaining a balanced and healthy diet can support your overall recovery. Adequate nutrition helps promote healing and boosts your immune system.

The duration you’ll need to take off work depends on the nature of your job and the progress of your recovery. Dr. Gautam Gupta will provide guidance based on your specific circumstances.

Dr. Gupta will provide specific guidelines regarding when you can resume sports or strenuous activities. It’s crucial to follow these guidelines to prevent re-injury and ensure a successful recovery.

Dr. Gautam Gupta will prescribe any necessary medications and recommend treatments based on your individual needs. It’s essential to attend follow-up appointments to monitor your progress and address any concerns.

Dr. Gupta may provide guidance on exercises, lifestyle modifications, and precautions to reduce the risk of future meniscus injuries. Following a proper warm-up routine and maintaining overall knee health are essential.

While age can be a factor, suitability for the procedure depends on various factors, including the type and extent of the meniscus tear. Dr. Gautam Gupta will assess your overall health and discuss whether this procedure is appropriate for you.

Pain is typical after Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair, but it should improve over time. Dr. Gupta will prescribe pain medications and recommend strategies to manage discomfort during the initial stages of recovery.

Like any surgical procedure, there are potential risks and complications. Dr. Gautam Gupta will thoroughly discuss these risks with you during the pre-operative consultation, ensuring you are well-informed.

The timeline for resuming normal activities varies for each individual. Dr. Gupta will provide guidance on when you can gradually return to daily routines, including work and light activities.

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If you are experiencing knee pain or suspect a meniscus tear, schedule a consultation with Dr. Gautam Gupta for expert evaluation and personalized treatment options in Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair.

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